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25.00 GBP
 R8737 Gasholder - Skaledale "Gasworks"
Excellent condition
No box
(Code: 126899562747)
18.00 GBP
0-4-0 Tank
Cosmetic condition excellent
Track tested runs well
No box
(Code: 126899564680)
40.00 GBP
0-6-0 Tank SDJR 24 DCC Fitted
Cosmetic condition very good
Track tested runs well
DCC Fitted
(Code: 126899564505)
30.00 GBP
Class 47 BR Blue 47568
Cosmetic condition good
Track tested runs well
No box
(Code: 126899564611)
40.00 GBP
Class 91 Intercity Robert Adley  91022
Cosmetic condition middle coach scruffy
Track tested runs well
3 car set
No box
(Code: 126899564291)
125.00 GBP
Coronation Class 6229 Duchess of Hamilton
In good overall condition track tested and runs well.

Boxed - some wear
(Code: 5010963431013)